Three Hundred Years in Business: Japanese Corporate Success Stories

Title in Japanese Sogyo 300nenno chouju Kigyouha Naze Sakaetsuzukerunoka
Author Yoshihiko Takubo as General Editor, and Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Japan has 40 % of the longest-running companies in the world. There are 605 companies with at least a 300-year history and 39 companies with a 500-year history. There are 7 companies with a 1000-...

Counterattack of millenium companies

Title in Japanese Sennen Kigyo no Dai Gyakuten
Author Susumu Nomura

In Japan, there are over 20,000 companies witha 100-year old history. Comparing to company cultures in other Asian countries, this Japanese company culture has veryunique system and spirituality. ...

My Philosophy; How I made Good Italian Dishes Affordable

Title in Japanese Ore no Philosophy
Author Takashi Sakamoto

Takashi Sakamoto is the founder of nationwide used bookstore chain “Book Off” and the “Ore-no” series of restaurants. In this book, he reveals his management philosophy, which has brought about gre...

Top Small Companies People Should be Proud of in the World

Title in Japanese Chicchai Kedo Sekaiichi Hokorini Shitai Kaisha
Author Koji Sakamoto

Koji Sakamoto, a professor of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, has been observing over 6,300 companies. In this book, he introduces eight small companies having less than 30 employ...

Yamaki’s Reduced Salt “Dashitsuyu” Broth Recipe

Title in Japanese Yamaki no genen dashitsuyu reshipi
Author Yamaki Co., Ltd.

Third in the popular Yamaki recipe book series, this book will teach you how to make 77 different dishes that Yamaki corporate members have carefully chosen using its reduced salt "dashitsuyu broth...

The Secret of Sushiro, Conveyor-belt Sushi Bar

Title in Japanese Massugu Baka-Shojiki ni Yaritsuzukeru
Author Kenichi Toyosaki

Sushiro’s obsessive attitude of customers over everything was what made an ordinary sushi restaurant into a 120 billion yen top industry company. With their motto as “satisfying customers with deli...

The First Company 2015; Innovators for New Domains

Author Diamond Frontier Club

The First Company 2015 is the second in this series of annual publications from Diamond Inc.

There are approximately 4.2 million companies in Japan, most of which are relatively small-scale...

The Most Valuable Companies of Japan 4

Title in Japanese Nihon de Ichiban Taisetsu ni Shitai Kaisha 4
Author Koji Sakamoto

The long-awaited fourth book in the series "The Most Valuable Companies of Japan" . This time the book will introduce 5 companies, ranging from industry top companies to blue chip companies that ha...

The Most Valuable Companies of Japan

Title in Japanese Nihon de Ichiban Taisetsu ni Shitai Kaisha
Author Koji Sakamoto

"The Most Valuable Companies of Japan" came out of the efforts of visiting and interviewing approximately 7,000 different companies across Japan. On the contrary to the general view that company be...

The First Company 2014; Pioneers of Industries

Title in Japanese Za Fa-suto Kanpani 2014
Author Diamond Frontier Club

The First Company 2014 is the first in a new series of publications for annual release from Diamond, Inc. This edition is divided into three parts and covers 50 different companies. The first part ...