Counterattack of millenium companies

Title in Japanese Sennen Kigyo no Dai Gyakuten
Author Susumu Nomura

In Japan, there are over 20,000 companies witha 100-year old history. Comparing to company cultures in other Asian countries, this Japanese company culture has veryunique system and spirituality. ...

The First Company 2015; Innovators for New Domains

Author Diamond Frontier Club

The First Company 2015 is the second in this series of annual publications from Diamond Inc.

There are approximately 4.2 million companies in Japan, most of which are relatively small-scale...

Hidden power of Japan attracting the world

Title in Japanese Sekai ga me wo miharu nihon no sokojikara

This book is aimed at helping Japanese readers recognize the aspects of Japan gaining high reputation from other parts of the world, and the aspects that are looked over usually as they are common ...

Challenge of Small to Medium-sized Manufacturing Industries

Title in Japanese Jidai ni Chousensuru Yuryou Chuken・Chushou Seizougyou
Author NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN Special Investigative Reporters

In the electronics industry which used to be called Japanese “specialty”, Asian neighboring countries developed their technology rapidly and started showing their presence to the world. Afterwards,...