Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

The Company who Made the Smallest Gear In the World

Title in Japanese Sekaide Ichiban Chiisana Hagurumawo Tsukkuta Kaisha
Author Motoo Matsuura

The smallest gear in the world was created at Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Its size measures a mere 0.147 mm in diameter by 0.08 mm in thickness and 1/1,000,000 g in weight.

The author is the CEO o...

The Most Valuable Companies of Japan 2

Title in Japanese Nihon de Ichiban Taisetsu ni Shitai Kaisha 2
Author Koji Sakamoto

To live up to the reader’s expectations and wishes, the second in its series “The Most Valuable Companies of Japan 2” has been published. "The Most Valuable Companies of Japan" came out of the effo...