The Screw That Never Becomes Loose

How a Small Company Can Become a Top Global Player

Title in Japanese Zettai Ni Yurumanai Neji
ISBN-10 4806139742
ISBN-13 978-4806139744
Total pages 224
Size 18.6 x 13 x 2.4 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Chukei Publishing (March 2011)


The Screw That Never Becomes Loose is an insightful publication authored by Katsuhiko Wakabayashi, a man who has successfully designed and marketed novel engineering products for decades. In this book, he interlinks useful and practical advice with the history of his own highly successful business endeavors.

The first two chapters focus on the potential for small-to-medium size companies to become global leading companies by overcoming the trials that are unique to such businesses. Mr. Wakabayashi outlines some of the modern issues that such companies face, and offers specific advice regarding production and sales methods. As someone who has created unique products, his own experiences discussed herein show that a good product does not necessarily mean a top seller.

Chapter 3 goes into detail about Mr. Wakabayashi’s flagship product, the incredible HardLock Nut, which is used for high-speed rail services all over the world among other things. Chapter 4 continues with the story of this product and its success, and thereby reveals the tricks of achieving long-term success with a unique product.

Chapter 5 discusses the ideology of creating new products and how to make the best use of such ideas. Mr. Wakabayashi also talks about his sources of inspiration, including a book that changed his life. Chapter 6 deals specifically with the strengths of smaller companies, and how they can become global players.

The final chapter discusses what the author believes to be of utmost importance: striving for continuous growth. Cleverly interlinking anecdotes and practical tips, The Screw That Never Becomes Loose will undoubtedly prove useful to entrepreneurs and leaders of small companies.


As the president and CEO of Hard Lock Industry, a company that has received interest from all over the world despite its humble origins, Katsuhiko Wakabayashi is in a unique position to advise other small-to-medium size companies on how to become an industry leader. Using his own company as an example, Mr. Wakabayashi describes the directions taken by Hard Lock Industry throughout its long year history, which serve as a model and a springboard for offering more general points of counsel that will prove useful to other businesspeople.

The Hardlock Nut manufactured by HardLock Industry is sought out by companies from such countries as England, Taiwan, China and Germany for use in high-speed trains. Yet the company itself has fewer than 50 employees, and has quickly become a top global player. There is a lot in this book that shows exactly why maintaining a smaller size company can be an advantage. Additionally, the author details the methodology of marketing unique products and ensuring long-term growth. This practical advice is from a reliable source, which is why The Screw That Never Becomes Loose is so highly regarded in Japan.

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About the author

Katsuhiko Wakabayashi, the president and CEO of HardLock Industry, was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1933. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, and established Fuji Seimitsu Co., Ltd., after developing his proprietary U Nut. Later, having developed the HardLock Nut, which is the most effective nut in the world, Mr. Wakabayashi founded HardLock Industry in 1974. He has appeared numerous times on television programs around the world and has been featured in countless magazine and industry articles. The Screw That Never Becomes Loose is his long-awaited book that is authored by a truly unique Japanese businessman

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