The Potential of Small and Medium-sized Companies

The secrets behind successful factories

Title in Japanese Chuushou Kigyou no Sokojikara
ISBN-10 4480067760
ISBN-13 978-4480067760
Total pages 236
Size 17.2 x 10.6 x 1.6 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Chikuma Shobo Ltd. (Apr 7, 2014)


Small and medium-sized enterprises are often viewed with negative images, that they are challenged with the offshore production or suffering from low wages, and lack of successors. However, Japan continues to have handful of small-scale companies with vigor and good sales results. What is the origin of success for these businesses? Characteristics of a successful company, in terms of human resources, employee quality, unique technologies, company organization, and others become evident throughout the course of interviews with respective companies. This book will bring readers back to the hope for Japanese businesses.

Table of Contents: Introduction: Requirements for a good company , Chapter 1: Developing human resources for a globalizing era- Tohken Thermo Tech Co., Ltd, Ajinomoto (Thailand), Chapter 2: Competitive strength of Japanese small/medium-size enterprise- Denso, O.E.I Group, Chapter 3: Having a core, obtaining knowledge- Toyota GPC, Chapter 4: Creating an outstanding team- Nakakin, Chapter 5: Holding responsibility for human resources development- TokyoDies Corporation, Kanamori group , Chapter 6: A challenge for the century-old company- Sakamoto Jukoh Co., Ltd, Sumino Kogyo Co., Ltd., Chapter 7: Traps for middle income countries- Yamauchi Corp., Final Chapter: Small/medium-size enterprises staying strong in a globalizing era- Toyo-Kogyo Co., Ltd.


This book documents the process in which the author, a pioneer of small-medium size enterprise studies interviewed not only factories in Japan, but foreign (mainly Thai) ASEAN factories as well. Japanese small-medium sized businesses are highly trusted in ASEAN, and are said to bring benefits to the local community. Since the collapse of the “bubble” economy, Japanese style administration and management has often been referred to as outdated. The field studies and interviews show “The Potential of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and that Japanese companies are still competitive in global market.

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Takao Nakazawa, Professor of Fukuyama University, Faculty of Economics since April 2014. Serves concurrently as Senior Fellow of Institute of Management Studies. Previously served as University of Hyogo Professor and Fukui Prefectural University Professor. Nakazawa specializes in Japanese craftsmanship, small-medium enterprise studies, and regional economics.

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