The Most Valuable Companies of Japan 2

Title in Japanese Nihon de Ichiban Taisetsu ni Shitai Kaisha 2
ISBN-10 4860633733
ISBN-13 978-4860633738
Total pages 254
Size 18.6 x 13 x 2.2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher ASA PUBLISHING CO., LTD. (Jan 21, 2010)


To live up to the reader’s expectations and wishes, the second in its series “The Most Valuable Companies of Japan 2” has been published. "The Most Valuable Companies of Japan" came out of the efforts of visiting and interviewing approximately 7,000 different companies across Japan. On the contrary to the general view that company belongs to stockholders, and the goals of company management are customer satisfaction and maximization of stock value, the author place priority first on employees. It is only when the employees themselves are satisfied working for the company that they can bring happiness to the customers. It is only when customers are satisfied that the company can make a profit, and as result make stockholders happy. The book will introduce 8 real-life examples that have proven this very model of corporate management is valid.

Table of Contents:

Valued Company #1: FUJIMEGANE CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)
“We want to help those in need”- An eyewear store that “brings vision” to international refugees as well as Japanese war-displaced orphans in China.

Valued Company #2: Kameda Medical Center (Chiba)
A hospital that patients “would love to be hospitalized again”.

Valued Company #3: SAIBOKU (Saitama)
A pasture that has succeeded in creating an “agricultural Disneyland”.

Valued Company #4: RF CO., LTD. (Nagano)
“We want to save more lives”- a company that has surprised the world by developing a capsule endoscope.

Valued Company #5: Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Aichi)
A bewildering company with salaries based solely on seniority.

Valued Company #6: Mirai Industry Co., Ltd. (Gifu)
A company with the most amounts of holidays remains unaffected by the recession.

Valued Company #7: NETZ TOYOTA NANGOKU. (Kochi)
A tour around Shikoku with the blind will teach you the true meaning of happiness.

Valued Company #8: Okinawa Education Publication (Okinawa)
A business that will truly help the world, a company where each individual can shine.


Professor Sakamoto's claim that "companies should make place the greatest priority on employees and families "and the true, touching stories of existing companies have gained the sympathy of many readers. As a "business book that will move the heart of people", this book has been picked up by various mainstream media sources. The companies referred to this book achieve constant increase of revenue and profit with the satisfied employee, while stay away from fierce capitalistic means. As utopic as it may seem, this could be achievable by any company. You will understand why these companies are so valuable to Japan and will realize deeper meaning of working.

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Koji Sakamoto, former professor of Hamamatsu University and Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Appointed as professor of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design as well as Hosei Business School of Innovation Management in April 2008. Campus Director of Hosei Graduate School Satellite Campus Shizuoka. Chairman of Non-profit organization All Shizuoka Best Community. Aside from the above, Sakamoto is a council member for multiple country, prefecture and city committees. His specialties lie in small-medium enterprise management, regional economics, and industrial welfare.

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