The First Company 2015; Innovators for New Domains

Original innovators open up new areas

ISBN-10 4478039666
ISBN-13 978-4478039663
Total pages 224
Size 18.8 x 13.2 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Diamond Inc. (December 2014)


The First Company 2015 is the second in this series of annual publications from Diamond Inc.

There are approximately 4.2 million companies in Japan, most of which are relatively small-scale operations that receive little attention from the media or elsewhere, despite their efforts to open up new markets and to become established businesses that offer unique products and services. One of the purposes of The First Company 2015 is to examine such companies in order to draw attention to their hard work and to the success they have achieved through innovation and creativity.

The Diamond Frontier Club, the authors of this book, have used their extensive network of contacts and their unique industry insights to deliver a comprehensive list of the top companies from 2015 along with interviews and insights into how these businesses have proved successful.

Three different types of business are examined, including early-stage ventures, businesses with several decades of experience, and companies that have recently been listed on the stock exchange. The First Company 2015 highlights the achievements and the future potential of Japanese businesses by examining the business models, histories and management styles that are unique to the 50 companies inspected in this book.


By means of an examination of 50 companies that have a track record of innovation and success, The First Company 2015 offers an insightful look into the modern way of doing business in Japan. This practical book contains a wealth of information and examples that will prove useful to businesspeople with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Ben Davies 

About the author

Diamond Frontier Club, the organization behind this book, was established in 1993 with the goal of contributing to the stimulation of the Japanese economy. As one of Japan’s foremost management organizations, Diamond Frontier Club provides support in various ways for business ventures that are engaged in up-and-coming industries. From this unique vantage point, the authors of this second edition of The First Company series again provide insightful commentary and useful advice that will inspire and guide anyone looking to achieve greater success.

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