The First Company 2014; Pioneers of Industries

Industry pioneers lead the way for the future

Title in Japanese Za Fa-suto Kanpani 2014
ISBN-10 4478026157
ISBN-13 978-4478026151
Total pages 224
Size 18.8 x 13 x 1.8 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Diamond, Inc. (November 2013)


The First Company 2014 is the first in a new series of publications for annual release from Diamond, Inc. This edition is divided into three parts and covers 50 different companies. The first part examines newly listed companies that are leading the way for the future in new areas of activity, such as Oisix, a company that provides general consumers with specially-cultivated produce and trustworthy food products. Part two is about young pioneering businesses that are opening up new markets in areas such as marketing, nursing care and crowd sourcing, including Crowd Works, an innovative new company that utilizes crowd sourcing in order to support a flexible working lifestyle. Part three details a number of companies that have a proven track record of creative innovation in more traditional areas, such as the innerwear store Tutu Anna, which is still expanding in innovative new ways even after 40 years of business.

Each section ends with a column that provides an in-depth analysis of a certain topic pertaining to business in a variety of areas, including floatation on the stock market and long-term growth. The detailed commentary and well-chosen examples contained in The First Company 2014 are a source of inspiration and guidance both for new businesses that aspire to greater success and for well-established businesses that are striving to achieve further innovation.


The First Company is a well-known publication in Japan that provides a useful overview of successful Japanese companies that do not get the attention they deserve. The companies presented highlight the potential for new areas of business to be opened up. The First Company 2014 also contains practical guidance on achieving increased efficiency in the workplace.

The information presented in this book is well researched and insightful, and carries the authenticity of having been written by a collection of writers who are genuinely in the know. The examples of the companies documented in the 2014 edition of The First Company demonstrate how successful brands are established and maintained and how new areas of innovation are still waiting to be discovered.

Ben Davies

About the author

Diamond Frontier Club, the organization behind this book, was established in 1993 with the goal of contributing to the stimulation of the Japanese economy. As one of Japan’s foremost management organizations, Diamond Frontier Club provides support in various ways for business ventures that are engaged in up-and-coming industries. From this unique vantage point, the authors of The First Company series provide insightful commentary and useful advice that will inspire and guide anyone looking to create a more successful business.


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