The Company who Made the Smallest Gear In the World

Title in Japanese Sekaide Ichiban Chiisana Hagurumawo Tsukkuta Kaisha
ISBN-10 4806136417
ISBN-13 978-4806136415
Total pages 223
Size 14.8 x 10.6 x 1.2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Chukei Publishing/Kadokawa Corporation (February 27, 2010)


The smallest gear in the world was created at Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Its size measures a mere 0.147 mm in diameter by 0.08 mm in thickness and 1/1,000,000 g in weight.

The author is the CEO of this company and he describes his management style, how he hires and trains his employees and how he succeeded in making micro gears. Micro gears are too small to use for anything useful but the news of this skill spread with a chance to show their ability that brought them many new customers all over the world.

As a CEO, he has an unusual management style. His company does not have many rules and gives a lot of freedom to their employees. He hires people off the street and trains them on how to become the skilled craftsmen he needs. He educates and motivates them by sharing his knowledge and showing an interest in them. By keeping company small, he created a small tight-knitted community and an environment within the company. Everybody can share and understand each other’s ideas. He has keen business foresight and leads his company in the right direction. Before major companies moved their factories to Asia, his company had already started joint ventures there.

From his experience, he found three important things to do and three not to do for small companies; “develop excellent skills, maintain great quality, and create a good financial base.” Not as important; “price, number of different products and size of the company.”


In this book, the author points out what brought his business success. It’s no wonder his company created excellent products. He seeks his company and employees’ best and how to motivate, by educating, helping and being patient. Even in this age of information and technology, excellent skills are not obtained overnight. Only years of training can produce great trustworthy products. In many ways it is like the Japanese traditional way of teaching skills that masters teach the younger generation for years to master skill. He enjoys his work and his life. His positive way of thinking and living seems contagious to his employees. His work ethic came from his thanks to many people who had helped him in his life and he gives helps to others in turn. In his company, old time work ethic is still alive. You can find how his excellent insight and leadership made his company stood out. Everyone can learn a lot from this book.

Yasuko Clark

About the author

Motoo Matsuura is the CEO of Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Born in 1935 in Nagoya. Graduated from Aichi University in 1960, founded Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd in 1965 and became CEO. In 1985, started established joint venture companies in Asia. His company manufactured a gear that weighs only 1/100,000 gram in 1998 and another gear of 1/1,000,000 gram in 2002, both world records. He is known for his unique management style, like hiring employees on a first-come first-serve basis, then training and education. Anyone from high school grads beyond retirement age. He has authored two other books, “I Made ‘The Best Small Company in the World’ With First-Come First-Hire and Mandatory Meeting Attendance” and “Trained to be World Class Craftsman, Without Examinations or Mandatory Retirement.”

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