Profit with Technology! Amazing Japanese Small Factories

From the Manufacturing Site

Title in Japanese Gijutsuryokude Kasegu Nihonno Sugoi Machikouba
ISBN-10 4532195918
ISBN-13 978-4532195915
Total pages 321
Size 15 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Nikkei Publishing Inc. (June 2, 2011)


This book is a compilation from a series of articles “From the Manufacturing Site”, which were originally published in Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.

There are many small and unique manufacturing companies all over Japan, who developed originality in their skills and technology. Based on their traditional techniques in their companies or regions, their products have received high recognition and many of them have been sought after not only domestically but also internationally. Even though their products are manufactured in small factories, their quality is excellent and some of them are receiving orders all over Japan; reaching 90% market share; expanding their markets worldwide. They can compete with major companies on equal footing and many of them support major corporations’ products by producing their components.

Nine regions/areas were chosen for study and six to nine small companies from those regions were selected. These companies are in many different fields and their products are varied; hardware, plating technology, electronics, musical instruments among others. They continue to innovate with research and development. Utilizing their skills and technologies to meet customers’ needs and to seek better products. From the small size of micro millimeter precision technology to huge manufacturing machinery. They keep moving into future by holding uncompromising standards.


This book is like a catalogue of excellent small technology companies. They have amazing products to offer. Some company names may be unknown now yet their products could already be around you. Many small companies went bankrupt after the Leman Shock but these companies survived and kept growing, because they have great products their customers demand. Each company has a great story - how it started business and created great quality products. Many of them developed very original and unique products that no other company makes, so they created the perfect supply and demand relationships. These 73 companies prove that the size of company does not matter for success. Instead, their keen insight into the future and focus on detail makes their products profitable and ensure their growth. And they never stop improving and looking for the next great product.

Yasuko Clark

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