My Philosophy; How I made Good Italian Dishes Affordable

The successful philosophy behind Ore-no Italian based on victorious plans and winning people

Title in Japanese Ore no Philosophy
ISBN-10 4785504676
ISBN-13 978-4785504670
Total pages 200
Size 18.8 x 12.7 x 1.4 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Hanmoto Inc. (August 2014)


Takashi Sakamoto is the founder of nationwide used bookstore chain “Book Off” and the “Ore-no” series of restaurants. In this book, he reveals his management philosophy, which has brought about great success in the food and used book industries.

Part one of “My Philosophy” discusses the origins of Mr. Sakamoto’s foray into the world of dining. His entrepreneurial spirit, which is both inspiring and realistic, is typified by the idea of “two victories for ten defeats.” A discussion of that ethos forms the basis for the first chapter, while the second chapter goes on to show how even complete novices can achieve success if they have the right philosophy.

Part two goes into more detail about how to use planning and personnel to bring about success. Chapter four, in particular, shows how top quality employees can provide a company with a unique edge over their competitors. Sakamoto’s philosophy also highlights the need to utilize suggestions from employees in the workplace, which motivates everyone to do their best.

The final part of the book is directed more specifically towards managers and business owners. Spanning three chapters, this section delves into the challenges facing managers in any industry, and shows how to overcome them.

Throughout the book, Takashi Sakamoto cleverly combines personal experience with well-constructed arguments that back up his philosophy on success.


My Philosophy provides a unique insight into the business mindset of one of Japan’s most successful entrepreneurs. Sakamoto holds nothing back as he reveals the source of his success in terms of creating and applying a business philosophy that can be adapted to almost any industry. Indeed, Sakamoto himself has achieved success in disparate areas of business.

His proactive nature will inspire other entrepreneurs to achieve similar success by applying the philosophy presented in this book, which is delivered in a practical and enjoyable style.

Ben Davies

About the author

Takashi Sakamoto is a successful and at times controversial businessman. As the founder of the nationwide used book chain “Book Off”, he has first-hand experience of creating a recognizable brand that is based on a simple but effective idea. At the age of 69, Mr. Sakamoto entered a new area of business with the Ore-no restaurant chain, which is a Tokyo-based chain of restaurants. There are various types of Ore-no restaurant, with each type specializing in a different cuisine (for example, French, Italian and Spanish). Mr. Sakamoto has thus proved that his business philosophy can be applied to a variety of industries, which lends greater credence to this book.

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