Maker’s Shirt; KAMAKURA’s Challenge to Offer Reasonable Quality Shirts

Title in Japanese Kamakura Shatsu Tamashii no Monozukuri
ISBN-10 4532319404
ISBN-13 978-4532319403
Total pages 235
Size 18.8 x 12.8 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Nikkei Publishing Inc. (June 21, 2014)


How can a domestically manufactured 100% high quality cotton shirt be sold for just 4900 yen? Maker’s Shirt Kamakura continues its steady advance in the apparel industry swept over by fast fashion brands. A veteran journalist thoroughly acquainted with the apparel industry has interviewed founder and CEO Yoshio Sadasue, company executive s, manufacturing factories, store managers and their employees to uncover their business model and style. Cotton dress shirts that would usually sell for around 12000-15000 yen are priced at approximately 4900 yen at Maker’s Shirt Kamakura. Yearly total sales are at 700,000 shirts, amounting to nearly 60% of all domestically manufactured collared shirts. These are just some of the highlights of Maker’s Shirt Kamakura’s successes. With the company’s motto of “changing the Japanese through shirts”, Maker’s Shirt Kamakura has gained fans throughout the country. They have also been picked up by TV Tokyo’s show “Ryu’s Talking Live”.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why these shirts can be sold at 4900 yen
  2. Taking 100% risk
  3. No falsehood in the company and their employees
  4. The open climate of voicing what you want to say
  5. High aspirations that support the business model
  6. How the ultimate SPA has been born


Bringing “made in Japan” not just to the country but to the world- this book provides an overview of Maker’s Shirt Kamakura, a company that provides business collared shirts at an affordable price of 4900 yen. The company has been garnering attention, with their shirts receiving high reputation in the New York branch store as well. Their business strategy of narrowing down products to only collared shirts and focusing their resources to high quality material make up for the small margin of profit. This business strategy is much more than a simple tactic, one could perhaps say that it is a gem of CEO Yoshio Sadasue’s philosophy and beliefs. You will surely want your very own dress shirt from Maker’s Shirt Kamakura upon reading this book.

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Yoshimi Maruki, born 1938 in Yokohama. President of OFFICE MARUKI. Graduated from Nihon University faculty of Arts. Initially works as a copywriter for an advertising agency, and later joins Ito-Yokado. Becomes chief of Sales Promotion Department. 1970, joins The Shogyokai Publishing Co., Ltd., becomes CEO in 1996. Founds OFFICE MARUKI in 2001.

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