Counterattack of millenium companies

It is possible to come back from the very bottom.

Title in Japanese Sennen Kigyo no Dai Gyakuten
ISBN-10 4163901167
ISBN-13 978-4163901169
Total pages 245
Size 17.8 x 11 x 2.2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Bungeishunju Ltd. (August 6, 2014)


In Japan, there are over 20,000 companies witha 100-year old history. Comparing to company cultures in other Asian countries, this Japanese company culture has veryunique system and spirituality. In this book, Susumu Nomura introduces the secrets of five companies which achieved V-shapedrecoveries by creatingvarious ideas after a management crisis. Many people's image against long-established stores or companies might be "static". However, this image will be reversed after reading this book. Although those five companies are by no means well known, their products are deeply related to our lives, such as apartment buildings, the rambling rose on your balcony, highlighters, bento and side dishes sold at convenience stores, sesame oil, dressing, etc. Also, they have created the "active" organization having an entrepreneurship. With the transition of the times, they had entered a new market utilizing their specialties. If they judge their business will fail in a market, they try to enter another new market. This is clearly different from simple diversification. This is their survival instinct to adjust their strong points to needs of the time. For example, TEIBOW Co., Ltd shifted from producing fedora hatsto pen nibs, both being made of felt. Additionally, Mikasa Industry Co., Ltd shifted from producing sake barreland soy sauce barrel taps to plastic caps based on their slogan "Ideas of packing up liquid." All five companies introduced in this book have made use of their tradition and at the same time achieved innovation.


Susumu Nomura is the author of best seller book "Sennen Hataraite Kimashita (1,000-years Old Companies)" with this book being his most recent work. In this book, he introduces five long-established companies. Upon reading this book, you will be able to find their universal value.They constantly strive to aid society while maintaining their particular values. These five companies' approaches introduced in this book are astonishing, and inspirespeople. Learning about steadycompanies, like those five introduced in this book, was as informative as learning about startups that generally attracts attentions. This is definitely impressive journalismfilled with wisdom and courage.

Kaori Cegler

About the author

Susumu Nomura is a professor of Faculty of International Studies at Takushoku University. Born in 1956 in Tokyo. After dropping out of the Department of English Studies at Sophia University, he studied at Ateneo de Manila University in Philippine from 1978 to 1980. After coming back to Japan, he starteda career as a nonfiction writer with "Philippine Shin Jinmingun Jyugunki (A Firsthand Account of the Philippine New People's Army)." In 1997, he was granteddistinguished prize for nonfiction works, the 28th Oya Soichi Nonfiction Award and the 19th Kodansha Nonfiction Award with "Korean Sekai no Tabi (A Journey Round the Korean World)." Also, he was granted the 11th Asia Pacific Prize with "Asia Atarashii Monogatari (Neo-Japanese in Deep Asia)" in 1999.

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