“Likes/Dislikes” And Management

Everything Starts With “Likes And Dislikes”

Title in Japanese Sukikiraito Keiei
ISBN-10 4492533443
ISBN-13 978-4492533444
Total pages 392
Size 18.8 x 13.2 x 2.8 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Toyo Keizai, Inc. (June 27, 2014)


This book is based on a series of the author’s interviews of 14 famous Japanese entrepreneurs/CEOs. Ken Kusunoki is a business school professor and started the interviews with a hypothesis that entrepreneurship starts with likes and dislikes results from his many opportunities to meet with CEOs.

“Who likes his business, his business likes him.” There are many reasons to have great businesses, but successful CEOs and leaders may have a common factor that they are doing what they love, or running their businesses in a manner they like. Also, they followed their instinct at the time of important decision making. Not everybody has this kind of instinct, but successful CEOs do. Their priority is not the sales numbers or being rich, but their passion to provide great products to their customers and making them happy. Their success was the result of hard work and believing in themselves. Also, they want their business to be able to help people. The companies’ management and strategies can be reflections of CEO’s likes and dislikes.

Interviewed CEOs were from companies such as Nidec Corp., Fast retailing/Uniqlo, Monex, McDonald’s Japan, Netyear, Cyber Agent, Start Today, Lawson, United Arrows, Integral, All About, Business Breakthrough, Lifenet Insurance, Hoshino Resorts.


The Author, Ken Kusunoki, is a great interviewer and finds each CEO’s motivation for running his or her business. Many of them started their businesses as entrepreneurs and successfully grew them.

It is very interesting that their management style is different from typical Japanese companies. They are honest to their heart. Because they do what they love, they enjoy running their businesses. It is refreshing that they are not seeking power or money.

Yasuko Clark

About the author

Ken Kusunoki is a professor of Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University, specializes in strategy and innovation. Born in 1964 in Tokyo. Graduated from Hitotsubashi University with BA, MBA, PhD. Has been a faculty member at Hitotsubashi University since 1992. Has conducted consulting and executive seminars for many leading Japanese companies. His research has been appeared in many academic journals, articles for business magazines and books including Competitive Strategy as a Narrative Story (Japanese best seller; Story toshiteno Kyososenryaku).

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