Hidden power of Japan attracting the world

Title in Japanese Sekai ga me wo miharu nihon no sokojikara
ISBN-10 4309503802
ISBN-13 978-4309503806
Total pages 205
Size 17 x 10.8 x 1.6 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers inc.(2011/5/25)


This book is aimed at helping Japanese readers recognize the aspects of Japan gaining high reputation from other parts of the world, and the aspects that are looked over usually as they are common in our daily lives.

Some of them may take the form of systems or technologies, for example;

  • Universal health care coverage,
  • Traditional techniques of Buddhist pagoda with earthquake-proof structure that has just been employed to the construction of the 634m high “Skytree”
  • Tokyo's drinking water system saving countries suffering from water shortage
  • Yamamarin, a novel pentapeptide with cancer cell growth-inhibitory activity, allowing co-existence of the cancer cells, instead of killing them and thus raising expectation for making available a renewed level of anti-cancer therapeutic approach free from side effects.

Other traits may be sensed as the spirits such as hospitality or obedience to rules observed in chaotic situations following the Great East Japan Earthquake, spirits that have been developed through long history of Japan valuing harmony.

Details are available in chapters:

  1. Inherent nature of Japanese people recognized by other parts of the world
  2. High quality Japan-originated systems cultivated with national traits of Japan.
  3. Challenges in the world can be overridden by Japan's wisdom
  4. Respectable unique cultural points that are discovered by the other parts of the world
  5. Japan's leading-edge technology to make the impossible possible
  6. "Cool Japan" deeply loved by foreigners.


As a whole nation, how could Japanese people regain confidence that have weakened due to many year's economic downturn to move forward? Also, they might feel lagging behind emerging countries that increase their strength in world markets.

This book encourages Japanese readers by presenting praiseworthy aspects of Japan. Some are found in leading-edge technologies in construction and medicine, for example, and others are spirits nurtured through Japan's tradition of valuing harmonies with nature and among people. That must be Japan's unique and respectable trait.

Toward Tokyo Olympic in 2020, momentum gradually increases toward welcoming visitors from abroad with hospitality. To convey Japan's respectable aspects with confidence could be another form of hospitality.

Yuriko Kiyokawa

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