Japanese Factory Technology Drawing the World’s Attention

Title in Japanese Sekai ga Taisetsu ni suru Nippon Koujouryoku
ISBN-10 4887598335
ISBN-13 978-4887598331
Total pages 232
Size 18.6 x 13 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Discover 21, Inc. (Aug 11, 2010)


“Japanese Factory Technology Admired by the World” introduces the art of Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship through examples of 12 existing small-medium scale factories. Even though it is often said that the development of Japan was strongly supported by these small scale industries, not too many people know of how the factories are managed, or the types of products that are manufactured by such companies. The author wanted to cast the spotlight on the company, the employees, and how these people put their knowledge to use and developed these products. Negishi believes long-seller products supported by consumers, and industrial merchandise that fulfills needs of customers must have a beauty that captures our hearts in one way or another. This beauty can only be achieved through countless trials and errors stemming from the determination and creativity of each employee.


Original, state-of-the-art technologies such as painless injection needles, mirror-like finishing of iPod, massive fish tanks of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, and unique soils used to create building rooftop vegetable gardens were all born out of Japanese factory workshops. These products are no doubt the result of unmatched imagination and knowhow, but have faced many obstacles before seeing the light of day. Cost issues, due dates, extreme competition with foreign and domestic markets are just a few of the many difficulties. Yet, the willpower and confidence to develop quality products has driven these small-medium scale factories to accomplishment. Learn about the stories and drama behind some of the most innovative technologies and products!

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Yasuo Negishi, born in Yokohama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. Previously worked as a journalist for a weekly magazine. Negishi’s work comprises of mainly nonfictions and interviews highlighting people, and has written about 3000+ individuals.

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