How Did that Store Rise Above The War of Attrition

Learn From Well-Established Companies Of The Internet Age: Marketing Without Competing

Title in Japanese Ano Omiseha Naze Shoumousenwo Nukedasetanoka
ISBN-10 4883353133
ISBN-13 978-4883353132
Total pages 240
Size 18.8 x 12.8 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd (July 30, 2014)


This book is based on the most read articles by the author at the Japanese marketing news site, “”. Through his experience as an E commerce consultant with Japanese No.1 EC company “Rakuten”, Shinya Nakayama explains how to transform the E commerce businesses not only to be profitable but also to have fun doing businesses by establishing the great relationship with customers.

Departing from the price and excessive service wars, Nakayama explains that establishing a great relationship with customers is the best in ultimate face-to-face sales by using social networks. You can have fun and be excited to do business. You can make customers highly satisfied. Small businesses don’t have to compete with big companies.

Nakayama uses the examples of 12 well-established E commerce merchants and points out the common factors of their success: 1) Don’t sell things that are already selling well. 2) Don’t capture the targeted customer. 3) Don’t countermeasure the competitor. 4) Don’t try to get benefit by scale merit. 5) Don’t polish skills for winning.

How can your business become the well-selling merchant that receives a great support by customers?

The author reveals the answer by looking at how the well-established merchants built great relationships with their customers and received higher customer satisfaction.

Some examples are; a wall paper merchant’s monthly sales exceeding 100 million yen, a car wash goods merchant expansion from one store to 300 stores in 11 countries over a couple of years, and more.


E commerce changed and expanded the market in many ways. The author, Shinya Nakayama has been with EC mall giant “Rakuten” for more than 15 years and has seen many merchants’ success. The company has been helping merchants grow their businesses. This book tells not only about some small business success stories but also Nakayama’s analysis and easy to understand lessons that every merchant can learn to succeed. By using social networks cleverly, connecting with customers is key. Your customer can be a part of your business and the biggest fan of your products, store, or community in the network. You are not just selling your products but “something else” as well. This book teaches you the new way of thinking about business and how important it is to find your special “something else”.

Yasuko Clark

About the author

Shinya Nakayama is the president of Rakuten University, the institution to teach the tools to succeed the E commerce business, and the CEO of Nakayamakouzai Co., LTD. Born in Hokkaido prefecture. Graduated from Keio University and worked for Sharp Corp. for 2 years. In 1999, joined with 20 employees at Rakuten, INC. and became one of nine first EC consultants. In 2000 established Rakuten University, the institution to teach the tools to succeed in E commerce business, and supports the management of 47,000 merchants of Rakuten. Systemizing principles of nurturing employees, teams and companies, will manifest self-running human resources. Established NakayamaKouzai Co., Ltd in 2008 and committed to the development of human resources for next generation of E commerce.

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