Global Niche Top Enterprises

SMEs that create the future of Japan

Title in Japanese Global Niche Top Kigyo Ron
ISBN-10 4561266291
ISBN-13 978-4561266297
Total pages 228
Size 21.2 x 14.8 x 1.8 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Hakutou Shobo, Tokyo; 2014 edition (Mar 12, 2014)


“Global Niche Top Enterprise”, as it defined in this book, is an enterprise that independently manufactures competitive original products. The book consists of 3 parts. Part I presents case studies of 40 Global Niche Top Enterprises that came out from the intensive interviews. Common success factors were found among these companies and factors are illustrated with the actual cases. Part II is a research based upon the questionnaire gathered from approximately 700 companies and revealed the major differences between the most successful Global Niche Top Enterprises and the mediocre niche focused companies whose business still stays mainly in domestic market. In Part III, first reviews historically the development of the Niche Top Enterprise in Japan to clarify its peculiarity, and further discusses the implications to policies such as required aiding measures from the findings of the research.

Introduction: Review of policies and researches on competitive SMEs

Part I. Common factors found in the excellent niche top enterprises

  1. Patterns of product development
  2. The measures to maintain competitive dominance and to avoid imitations by others
  3. Natural expansion to overseas market mainly through export
  4. Measures to conquer challenges and manage risks
  5. The role of Niche Top Enterprises as a core of the new coalition of businesses
    Part II. Fundamental differences found between excellent Niche Top Enterprises and others.
  6. Basic characteristics of Niche Top Enterprise found by questionnaire
  7. Comparison of characteristics among types within the Niche Top Enterprises
  8. Fundamental differences found between excellent Niche Top Enterprises and others.
    Part III. Discussion on policy issues related to Niche Top Enterprises
  9. Historical review of development of Niche Top Enterprises in Japan
  10. Global Niche Top Enterprise and the secrets for success and the necessary government policies.

Conclusion: Niche Top Enterprise as a hope for the future of Japan


Last couple of decades Japan has faced Challenges came out from the drastic changes of global economy. Japanese large enterprises no longer play a leading role in Japanese economy as they used to do. That is the reason why the companies that have focused on the niche market and dominate there have called more attention. This book has contributed a lot to clarify what these companies really are and what exactly are the keys for success. The key factors for success are explained in details referring the actual cases of interviewed enterprises to make the points clear to the readers. The analysis of difference between the Global Niche Top companies and the ones that focused to a niche, but success is yet limited to domestic market give a good suggestion how the latter could evolve to the Global Niche Top. This book will make a good guideline and models for managements of enterprises as well as policy makers of government officials.

About the author

He was Born 1957 in Tokyo. In 1981 he graduated Tokyo University, Faculty of Economics, and entered to Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently renamed as “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry”). He obtained MA at Graduate School of Yale University in 1987. In 1992 assigned to assistant professor of Shinshu University, Faculty of Economics. Since he joined MITI again in 1995, he had various different assignments there and related independent administrative agencies till 2007. Since 2008 he has been consulting fellow in The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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