Creating a Brand

techniques of 21 companies that have succeeded in branding

Title in Japanese Brand no Sodatekata
ISBN-10 4822264815
ISBN-13 978-4822264819
Total pages 223
Size 18.6 x 13 x 2.2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Oct 18, 2012)


How does a company go about creating and raising a brand? Is it possible to succeed in branding without being a large-scale, well known company? The duo of a successful young manager and designer aims to answer these questions by interviewing executives from 6 companies with a flair for branding: DEAN&DELUCA (Food specialty shop), ROKKATEI (confectioneries), DRAFT (design), MARKS&WEB (botanical items), TOYO KITCHEN & LIVING Co (kitchen/furniture), and snow peak (outdoor gear). Through these interviews the duo attempted to figure out the secrets to successful branding. What exactly did the executives consider in creating brands, and how did they act upon them? From marketing to product development and designing to human resources development, this book seeks to uncover the hidden secrets in successful brands through analyzing the common points of each of the 6 interviewed companies.


Continuous effort and improvement is crucial to raising brands. The interviewed companies provide the reader with hints to how they accomplished such a feat. Perhaps the spirit of branding lies in the pursuit of essence, to adhere to the principles mapped out by each individual company. The “brand” must represent the core and the determination of each company. In this book readers will be able to discover the honest opinions of executives from interviewed company. For those who work in the creative/designing field, this book is a must-read! Readers also recommend this book to the general public as well. Respective interviews are followed by details and explanation, making it easy to read for those who have no professional background. One reader even comments that thinking about brands has provided a clue to becoming a more overall attractive individual.

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Jun Nakagawa is the 13th president of Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. After graduating from Kyoto University Faculty of Law, initially enters Fujitsu Limited and then switches to Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. Known for sending brands such as “Yu Nakagawa”, “Kisara”, “Dainipponichi” to the world as well as creating an unique business from Spas with a foundation in traditional craft. Also initiates branding-specific consulting, and is a prominent top runner in the branding industry.

Akihiro Nishizawa is the CEO of EIGHT BRANDING DESIGN. He is a branding designer who assists company branding and product development in a variety of genres. Recent works include matcha café “nana’s green tea”, Shinshu Miso “Hikari Miso”, Premium craft beer “COEDO”, etc. Has received numerous awards both in Japan and the world, including good design award, PENTAWARDS, and THE ONE SHOW.

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