Bringing Back Japan’s Manufacturing Industry

A prescription for revitalizing our manufacturing industry

Title in Japanese Kasegu Chikara wo Torimodose!
ISBN-10 4532318890
ISBN-13 978-4532318895
Total pages 256
Size 19 x 13.4 x 2.2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Nikkei Publishing Inc. (June 25, 2013)


Author Kazuhiko Toyama says, it's not about "what you sell", but rather determining "where to earn the money"- Japan's manufacturing industry struggles to stay afloat, despite having overwhelming advantages in technology and product quality. The age where high quality products led to automatic success is over. Rather than desperately trying to convince themselves through their old glory, Japanese companies must develop strategic plans to bring back their profitability. As a corporate reconstruction specialist, the author will uncover the five "traps" Japanese companies fell for, and propose a restart/rebuilding scenario for companies to succeed once again.

Table of Contents:

  1. Five traps Japanese companies tend to fall for
  2. How to profit in a globalizing manufacturing industry
  3. Prescription for a profitable industry part 1: Visualize profitability
  4. Prescription for a profitable industry part 2: Properly adopts standization
  5. Prescription for a profitable industry part 3: Integrate value chains
  6. The model for restarting and rebuilding the manufacturing industry
  7. Company stance with a fully globalized future in mind


The author presents a model for reviving and rebuilding Japanese manufacturing companies by taking into account Japan’s current status within the world as well as its organizational climate. He asserts that Japanese companies should withdraw from businesses with excessive competition, even if the field is potentially lucrative. Instead, these companies should aim to become global leaders by choosing fields where state-of-the-art technology leads to success. Furthermore, the author claims that it is necessary to create a system where customer needs are adequately reflected in the form of merchandise. The book introduces 22 Japanese companies with high operating income as specific examples as well.

Naho Kasukawa

About the author

Kazuhiko Toyama, born in 1960. Graduated from Tokyo University Faculty of Law, earned MBA from Stanford University. Passed the National Bar Examination. CEO of Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. Previously served as CEO of The Boston Consulting Group Japan and Corporate Directions, Inc before becoming one of the founding members of the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan in 2003 and serving as COO. Was involved in the management reform and economic growth support for a variety of companies. Furthermore, serves as a non-executive director for PIA Corporation and OMRON Corporation as well.

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