Seventy Seven Teachings of “Screwing up” Lives

Title in Japanese Jinseino Nejiwo Maku 77no Oshie
ISBN-10 4591140059
ISBN-13 978-4591140055
Total pages 156
Size 18.6 x 12.4 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Popular Publishing Co., LTD (May 14, 2014)


A Japanese automated screw assembly system/inspection machine tool manufacturing company, Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. has been focusing on human resource development for a long time. Using their own employee training manuals to teach and motivate each employee to be responsible and more effective; “Leaders’ Handbook”, “Management Guideline”, “The Road to Becoming Professional’. This book is based on these company employee training manuals.

Most screws are very small parts but used on so many different products. Just one missing screw makes a product non-functional, and can cause an accident. The company emphasizes that each one of employees has a very important role in the company. The company has been encouraging employees to keep studying and learning, and created a system that all of them share an equal opportunity for promotion based upon their voluntary study and work.

The majority of their products are specially made to orders. Creating great products and relationships with their customers is the reason this company grew steadily and retains great customer satisfaction.

From their experiences, this book points out the importance of responsibility, being proactive, sensitive, effective, patient and thoughtful through notable examples and stories. The company’s success came from not only creating great products but great employees who are proud to be a part of the company.


Nitto Seiko Co. seems to have always engaged its’ community since their humble beginning. It is amazing that they created this kind of training manuals 40 years ago and that they proved their success based upon their employees’ hard work by following these manuals. It is very important to build a healthy and good relationship between management and employees. Today it is very common for companies to survive by restructuring the organization by laying off employees, mergers and acquisitions. Yet this company has survived world financial crises without restructuring. This book is filled with smart and easily understand examples on how to be successful. It will make readers feel like a part of this company. Even though this book is based on Nitto Seiko’s training manuals, they will teach anyone how to be a better and more responsible individual in the community.

Yasuko Clark

About the author

Nitto Seiko Co., LTD is a Japanese screw/screw automated assembly system/inspection and parts washing machine manufacturing company was founded in 1938 in Ayabe city, Kyoto pref. They have about 2,000 employees, many offices, factories and other companies worldwide. Their products are used for cars, appliances, computers, medical equipment, phone, etc. Their market share with micro and precision screws are number one in Japan. Most of their products are orders made to accommodate the customers’ needs. Their stock is listed on Tokyo Exchange.

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