Three Hundred Years in Business: Japanese Corporate Success Stories

Title in Japanese Sogyo 300nenno chouju Kigyouha Naze Sakaetsuzukerunoka
ISBN-10 4492533516
ISBN-13 978-4492533512
Total pages 227
Size 18.6 x 13 x 2 cm
Language Japanese
Publisher Toyo Keizai Inc. (September 19, 2014)


Japan has 40 % of the longest-running companies in the world. There are 605 companies with at least a 300-year history and 39 companies with a 500-year history. There are 7 companies with a 1000-year history. Japan is home to the oldest, continuously running company in the world.

From many different angles, the author researched the 69 companies with 300 or more year history, which were held by more than 10 generations of CEOs and sales of more than 5 billion yen (50 million dollars); they are “Sustainable companies in a Japanese way.” They have survived natural disasters, world wars, and other crises. What made these companies survive for such a long time?

There are many common factors among those companies. They have seen steady growth without trying for a quick expansion or being affected by circumstances. They have created and kept core values. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They have kept the same sense of value for over generations. They enshrine god in their company buildings or visit shrines in their communities periodically to be humbled by believing the existence of god and his power. They have a strong sense of community. By participating community events and contributing to the community, they continuously strengthen their relationships. They developed their own employee training systems to pass on skills and knowledge to younger generations. Employee satisfaction produces customer satisfaction, then creates business growth.


The world has changed rapidly and the way of business has also changed dramatically. There are some major Japanese companies that once enjoyed being the top of the world but are currently struggling to survive. However, the companies featured in this book have remarkable histories and survived many hardships yet kept growing at their own pace with hard work. The author found common factors among these companies by looking from many different angles. It will be very interesting to find out what kept their businesses thriving. The Japanese way of conducting business may be a lot different from other countries, but the readers can find that Japanese culture and spirituality are a very big part of the business. Anybody who wants to do business in Japan or with Japanese company will be able to learn from this book. Anyone who wants to build a strong business will learn some factors for success.

The number of the long standing companies in Japan itself says that there is something special in Japanese business world.

Yasuko Clark

About the author

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University was founded in 2007. The predecessor of GLOBIS University, GLOBIS Management School was founded in 1992 by President Yoshito Hori. GLOBIS vision is: “Create and innovate societies by fostering ecosystem of people, capital and knowledge for management.” There are 5 campuses in Japan with subsidiaries in Singapore and China. It offers a MBA program in English.

Yoshihiko Takubo is Dean of Graduate Business Programs at GLOBIS University. Worked for Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Graduated from IMD in Switzerland, Keio University with MS. He is currently involved in project planning, research, management, and more. He teaches Analytical Skills and Leadership Development courses at GLOBIS University and corporate training seminars. He also serves as Officer of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Educational Issues of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. He serves on the board of a nonprofit organization and a venture company. He has written many books about business management.

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