Three Hundred Years in Business: Japanese Corporate Success Stories

Title in Japanese Sogyo 300nenno chouju Kigyouha Naze Sakaetsuzukerunoka
Author Yoshihiko Takubo as General Editor, and Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Japan has 40 % of the longest-running companies in the world. There are 605 companies with at least a 300-year history and 39 companies with a 500-year history. There are 7 companies with a 1000-...

Seventy Seven Teachings of “Screwing up” Lives

Title in Japanese Jinseino Nejiwo Maku 77no Oshie
Author Nitto Seiko Co., LTD. Office of Planning

A Japanese automated screw assembly system/inspection machine tool manufacturing company, Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. has been focusing on human resource development for a long time. Using their own empl...

Counterattack of millenium companies

Title in Japanese Sennen Kigyo no Dai Gyakuten
Author Susumu Nomura

In Japan, there are over 20,000 companies witha 100-year old history. Comparing to company cultures in other Asian countries, this Japanese company culture has veryunique system and spirituality. ...

The Company who Made the Smallest Gear In the World

Title in Japanese Sekaide Ichiban Chiisana Hagurumawo Tsukkuta Kaisha
Author Motoo Matsuura

The smallest gear in the world was created at Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Its size measures a mere 0.147 mm in diameter by 0.08 mm in thickness and 1/1,000,000 g in weight.

The author is the CEO o...

Leave it to Women to Make a Hit Product

Title in Japanese Jossei Shaiin Ni Makasetara, Hit Shouhin Dekichatta
Author Takashi Nakajima

Baby Foot is a skin care product for feet that is incredibly popular in Japan and many other countries. The story of this revolutionary product is detailed in this 220-page book from well-establish...

Profit with Technology! Amazing Japanese Small Factories

Title in Japanese Gijutsuryokude Kasegu Nihonno Sugoi Machikouba
Author Nikkei Inc. Editorial Department

This book is a compilation from a series of articles “From the Manufacturing Site”, which were originally published in Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.

There are many small and unique manufacturing ...

My Philosophy; How I made Good Italian Dishes Affordable

Title in Japanese Ore no Philosophy
Author Takashi Sakamoto

Takashi Sakamoto is the founder of nationwide used bookstore chain “Book Off” and the “Ore-no” series of restaurants. In this book, he reveals his management philosophy, which has brought about gre...

Top Small Companies People Should be Proud of in the World

Title in Japanese Chicchai Kedo Sekaiichi Hokorini Shitai Kaisha
Author Koji Sakamoto

Koji Sakamoto, a professor of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, has been observing over 6,300 companies. In this book, he introduces eight small companies having less than 30 employ...

Cambria Palace; Ryu Murakami’s TV Talk Show With Businessperson

Title in Japanese Kanbulia kyuden Ryu Murakami X Keizaijin Shacho-no-Kingen
Author Ryu Murakami

The book is a collection of the golden words shared by as many as 68 presidents of companies across a broad range of business fields, words that are keys to success in company operation and sorted ...

Unicharm; Resonance based management

Title in Japanese Kyoshin no Keiei
Author Takahisa Takahara

Takahisa Takahara, at the age of 39 in 2001, took over the position of Unicharm’s CEO from his father, Keiichiro Takahara, a charismatic founder of the company that is a leader in feminine hygiene ...