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Japanese Firms that are NO.1 in the World

Title in Japanese Nippon no “sekai No.1” kigyo
Author Nikkei Business Daily

“Aim to be No.1 in Japan, and eventually No.1 in the world.” This was the slogan for many firms that had risen from the ruins of WWII and had achieved miraculous growth. Far behind American giants,...

Maker’s Shirt; KAMAKURA’s Challenge to Offer Reasonable Quality Shirts

Title in Japanese Kamakura Shatsu Tamashii no Monozukuri
Author Yoshimi Maruki

How can a domestically manufactured 100% high quality cotton shirt be sold for just 4900 yen? Maker’s Shirt Kamakura continues its steady advance in the apparel industry swept over by fast fashion ...

Challenge of Small to Medium-sized Manufacturing Industries

Title in Japanese Jidai ni Chousensuru Yuryou Chuken・Chushou Seizougyou
Author NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN Special Investigative Reporters

In the electronics industry which used to be called Japanese “specialty”, Asian neighboring countries developed their technology rapidly and started showing their presence to the world. Afterwards,...